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The contour maps we create are a birds-eye (over head, looking directly down) view of a reef's or wreck's topography (Bathometric contours).  However unlike standard nautical charts that show depth from the surface, these charts show heights off the bottom.  Typically the higher off the bottom a structure is, the greater the attraction it is to fish and the greater your likelihood in catching one.  Scuba divers will love the ability to see the height and position of the structures for interesting dives and spear fishing.  Fisherman will love positioning their boat right over the structure which will tremendously increase their catch. 

Three boats were used in the collection of tens of thousands of sonar data points with the corresponding WAAS GPS Latitude and Longitude from each reef.  Thousands of samples were collected from each area reef.   Official county waypoints were used as a starting point and the entire area was scanned.  Many of these published waypoints are inaccurate due to the early use of Loran and built in errors of older uncorrected GPS readings.  When structures were detected, additional close-in scanning was performed to increase detail.

The collected data was then adjusted for tides, interpolated to fill in uncollected data and analyzed to determine the ocean bottom depth.   The bottom depth is processed with the actual depth data and then filtered to show only structure that is one foot or greater off the bottom.  The data is then plotted to show the resultant bathometric contours over a latatude and longitude grid.   To identify the various structures we overlaid  the official county waypoints and corrected the waypoints to match the closest structure.

Brighter reds have greater profiles (peaks) while light blues have lower profile of one foot. The color key scale on the right of each map indicates the respective heights. The left side of the map indicates the GPS latitude (North-South) and the bottom of the map indicates the GPS longitude (East-West) coordinates.   A minute or latitude is 6,000 ft so 0.1 minute is 600 feet and 0.01 minute is 60 feet.

NOTE:  All contour views should not be used for navigation.

We provide these contour maps in two forms.   The first is a water resistant plastic covered hard copy that includes an overall view of the entire reef and a number of additional pages of close up shots of interesting sections.  (See the About the Books Tab above.)  The second method is a downloaded file sent via Email which includes one large chart of each reef.   There is a chart viewer program for a PC and iPad that allows you to view the charts on your laptop computer or iPad screen overlayed on the official NOAA nautical charts. (See the About the Files Tab above.)

We would be pleased to hear from you! Please let us know what your needs and questions are, we will be more than happy to help.

In brief, you should know the following about us: Our company was established in 1980 and had been responsible for providing outstanding nautical products and services ever since. We have supplied these maps to many of the local counties and the State of Florida.

For additional information on other Florida counties contact us at Bob@reefsnwrecks.com or call us at 941-739-8394.

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