Customer Service

Shipping & Delivery
All our products are delivered via a download.   All downloads are available in a few minutes after the order has been placed.   Once you receive the confirmation Email of the order in your Email you can follow the link and download your purchases.  The download file is a self extracting Zip file with the extension .EXE so a Windows PC or an Apple PC with Windows operating system software is required to run the file.   Files cannot be directly downloaded to an iDevice, a marine GPS or handheld GPS.
Privacy & Security
We use PayPal for all transactions including credit card transactions.  We do not store any credit card information.   Your name and E-Mail address is maintained in our database to allow you easy access to future purchases and so we can notify you of new reefs and wrecks we have added and new formats we can supply the custom contour maps in.
Returns & Replacements
We will replace any file that does not perform as expected but we have no control over the content of the reefs.   Some reefs have a lot of structure and others small amounts of structure.   No refunds will be made based on the lack of fish in the area or the addition or ommition of small bottom structures.  The data is compiled using accurate GPS and sonar readings.   Over time, some areas may shift or become silted up.   We will continue to monitor the areas.   Please report any descripencies you find.
All ordering is done online.   Customers may use Paypal or a credit card.  All credit card information is securely processed by Paypal and we do not collect, store or directly handle any of the credit card information.
Payment, Pricing & Promotions
All payment is done online.   Pricing is based on a GPX file which contains the Latitude and Longitude of each waypoint we have associatied with each reef or wreck.   This GPX file is also included with all of the custom contour map formats as well.  Customers can also order the contour map for each of the reefs and wrecks for an additional fee that is indicated on the web page.   You can order one or more of the different formats for the additional fee.
On occation a discount code may be Emailed to you.   Enter the code at checkout to get the discount.
Viewing Orders
By signing into the website you can see your current library of reefs and wrecks that you have already purchased.    Note:  Orders can only be downloaded three times so please backup any purchase you have made to ensure you do not loose data.
Registering or Subscribing to our Newsletter
   When Registering or Subscribing to our Newsletter you must enter a valid Email address and an Email will be sent to that address to verify it.   Please check your SPAM folder if the Email does not show up in a few minutes.   Press Confirm Account or Confirm Subscription to activate your account and/or subscription.
Updating Account Information
By signing into the website you can see your contact information.  Feel free to update you address or Email address if and when it changes.
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